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Kryptik, 33 Jahre aus Empfingen (Baden-Württemberg), in einer Beziehung



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  • Geschlecht
    männlich ♂
  • Beziehungsstand
    in einer Beziehung
  • Geburtstag
    01.09.1986 (33)
  • Wohnort
    72186 Empfingen
  • Land / Bundesland
    Deutschland (Baden-Württemberg)

Über Kryptik

  • Selbstbeschreibung

    "Oh God Look At Those Guys Oh God They´re so cute God I´d Love To $?%@ One Of Them With That One Guy Do Just Like Hold My Hands Down While The Other Guy Makes Me Suck His ?$!@ And Then They Both Would #@*? Me At The Same Time Oh My God I Can´t Take It Oh They Both Look Like They Could Do That Too Just Imagine Being Pulled Down On The Couch And My Clothes Are Ripped Off And Just *$?%!# And Made To Suck Him At The Same Time Oh More Than I Can Take Why Don´t You !*$ In My Mouth And $!%# Me Hard Oh God Turned On By Them They´re Just Coming In Here Right And *!?$ Me And Rip My Clothes Off"

  • Hobbies
    Lesen, Moderieren, Musik, Tanzen


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