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Log Splitter are one of the indispensable machines in garden machinery. The normal use and maintenance of lawn mowers can extend their service life. The basic composition and daily maintenance of the lawn mower is described as follows:

Lawn mower after use, should be a comprehensive cleaning, and check all the screws are tight, oil oil surface is in line with the provisions of the performance of the air filter is good, whether the defective blade and so on. But also according to the lawn mower service life. Strengthen the inspection of vulnerable parts or more, and carry out periodic maintenance.

Lawn mower use

Every time you use the lawn mower, you must first remove debris from the mowing area. Check the lawn mill engine oil surface, gasoline, air filter, screw elastic, blade elasticity and sharpness. The first time or cold state, the first to close the throttle, weight more than three times the oiler, throttle hit the maximum, launched and then open the damper. In the mowing, if the grass is too long, should be phased in stages, each can only cut off the grass one-third of the total length, the purpose is to avoid mowing after the grass; if the grass area is too steep; Grass; if the slope of more than 30 degrees, it is best not to push the lawn mower and generally use the backpack mower; if the lawn area is too large, lawn mower continuous working time is best not more than four hours.

Lawn mower maintenance

1 oil maintenance every time you use the Log Splitter-cnsuperpower.com before you have to check the oil surface to see if the oil scale between the upper and lower scale after the use of new machines 5h after the replacement of oil, the use of 10h after the oil should be replaced once again, according to the instructions The requirements of the regular replacement of oil. Replace the oil should be in the engine in a heat state to ensure that all the waste oil row. Filling the oil can not be too much, otherwise it will be: busy, black smoke, lack of power (too much cylinder cylinder, spark plug gap is small), the engine overheating and so on. Filling the oil can not be too little, otherwise it will be: the engine gear noise, piston ring to accelerate wear and damage, and even Lawa and other phenomena, resulting in serious damage to the engine.

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